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Summer 2020 is officially upon us and well under way! We know this summer is going to be different from previous years due to the Covid-19 pandemic but we are trying our best to make our new normal as comfortable and inviting as previous years while keeping everyone safe!

Sopher’s Landing is happy to offer motorized boat rentals this season! Also new this year, is the addition of kayak rentals! Whether you’re new to kayaking or a seasoned kayaker, we offer a flat fee for your convenience! This summer for our boat launch contest you have the chance to win 1 free boat launch […]


Welcome to Spring 2016!!!!!! However it hasn’t been much of a winter, especially for all the winter enthusiasts out there. We would like to first congratulate our winner Joseph Yeung! Joseph has won his launch fees paid for 2016. This contest will continue for this upcoming season. Here at Sopher’s Landing Marina & Cottage Services […]

Winterizing your Boat

Unfortunately, the boating season does wind down in many parts of the country and it becomes time to start thinking about protecting your valuable recreational asset. Winterizing a boat relates well to the old phrase “pay me now or pay me later.” The time and effort you spend now will have a definite effect on […]

Boat Motor Troublshooting

Being stranded out on the water because your boat engine is having problems is every bit as disheartening as being stranded on the road with car trouble. Just like with cars, even the most attentive maintenance can’t always prevent problems. As such, there are a few important things to always keep in mind when dealing […]