Boat Rentals

We currently have 3 rental boats and 1 pontoon 16ft for fishing or taking a nice cruise around the lake ( we offer a driver for the pontoon if you want )call for pricing. All boats are 14 ft long and come equipped with life jackets and meet all safety requirements. Our boats can be rented for $145.00/day from 8:30am to 4:30pm. A boat licence is required. Come and fish Mclean’s Bay, Sparrow Lake and the Trent for exceptional fishing! Cast your reel for a chance at Pickerel, Pike, Bass, Crapie, Perch and/or Muskie …Good Luck!


Please contact us at the marina if you are interested in purchasing a boat or would like us to sell one for you.





Please call ahead for boat rentals to ensure they are not all spoken for at your desired time and day.