December 13, 2017

WINTER 2017 – Newsletter

Finally…SNOW! We know we aren’t the only ones happy to see it! Soon there will be nice thick ice on the lake, fishing will start up again, and the chubby man with the white beard will be heading down chimneys in no time! Tiss the season to be jolly!

There are lots of things happening through the marina even though all the boats are out of the water and put safely into winter hibernation – we have full-time dry walling services going on right now! If you or someone you know is in need of adding those final touches to that space that isn’t quite finished let us know! We are in full swing indoor cottage renovation mode – drywall, flooring etc. – we do it all!




The mention of the words “ice” and “fishing” put together can only mean one thing…ice hut rentals! We have our huts ready for use but they tend to book up quickly, so schedule your day or weekend ice-getaway now before you’re too late. We are also ready for your snowmobile tune-up before the real snow falls, and remember us when you need repairs throughout the winter as well. We also have our tractor equipped with a plow ready to dig you out of the mountains of snow. To those who don’t live close to your cottage…having a plowed driveway can show that someone is home or that someone is watching over your property and can keep your mind at ease.


 Does anyone know a Jim Cruikshank? Well if you do, be sure to pat him on the back and say congratulations as he was our 2017 boat launch winner! Next year it could be you! Be sure to fill out your ballot and drop it off to us.



Finally, we want to wish everyone a safe and happy holiday season as the joy of Christmas and the New Year approaches us. We are truly grateful to all of our customers – near and far! And hopefully, we will get to see some of you while we enjoy the winter season!

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