September 12, 2017

AUTUMN 2017 – Newsletter

As the kids go back to school we are reminded that Autumn is officially here! The changing of the leaves and the coolness in the air should also remind you to schedule your boat to be winterized and stored for the winter. Our schedule is getting very busy as the warm days seem to melt away, so please call and book your appointment now. We would also like to thank all of our summer customers from 2017!

Sophers Landing is pleased to announce a few NEW and exciting things happening for the upcoming season! We will be expanding our services to now offer cottage maintenance and renovations – why not let us make those changes to your favourite summer getaway you’ve been putting off all year; all in time for your next summer visit! Drywall, painting, flooring etc…Winter days are the most efficient days to get those upgrades done!

We also added a new ‘box-blade’ to our tractor for those who might need a drive way leveled, gravel spread or sand for the beach. Call us for a quote today!

We at Sophers will also be offering fall cleanup – brush, leaves and final lawn care requirements plus we will also be offering snow removal services. Rest assured that if you do not make frequent visits to your summer paradise, a cleared driveway will set your mind at ease.

Sopher’s Landing will also be offering snowmobile services this coming season! So book your fall tune up and remember us when something goes wrong and repairs are needed – we are right off the ice!

Speaking of ice…we have our ice huts ready for ample opportunities to catch the ‘fish of a thousand casts’ this winter. They should be ready by January, weather permitting. They come equipped with everything you need including a cook stove to enjoy your fresh catch right on the water!

We are excited for the coming season and love to stay in contact with you, our customers. So let’s chat today about some new plans and goals you may have!

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