April 4, 2016


Welcome to Spring 2016!!!!!! However it hasn’t been much of a winter, especially for all the winter enthusiasts out there.

We would like to first congratulate our winner Joseph Yeung! Joseph has won his launch fees paid for 2016. This contest will continue for this upcoming season.

Here at Sopher’s Landing Marina & Cottage Services have had some time to do some cleanup over the winter months. We have rectified the parking situation so that there will be plenty of parking for all of our guests. The new parking lot will be located past the shop on Sopher’s Landing Rd on the right hand side. This lot is to be used by our guests that are using a Sopher’s Landing’s amenities.  Please do not use the parking lot on the top of the hill, again this does not belong to us, as some concerns had been raised last summer. Because there have been parking issues, Sopher’s Landing Marina has revised fees for the parking at the waterfront. The new fees will be $650.00 with parking in new lot and $720.00 with parking at the waterfront. This is a first come first serve basis. We will be calling those that already have parking at the waterfront has they have been there for some time. If those client wish not to use this area there will be a list in which names will be on for future use. We apologise for any inconvenience that may cause. Please be patient as we work through this. As new issues arise, we at Sopher’s Landing Marina always have the best interest of our elite clientele in mind!  

Over the 2016 summer season we will be fixing and adding some docks as well hopefully building the new boardwalk! Please visit our website for all price adjustments.

Remember to book your boat detailing early spots fill up quickly. Our new Cottage Services section has had tremendous success! We offer a variety of personal services.  See you in spring 2016!!!!!!



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